Convince Yourself VetkinTape® Tryout Package

Convince Yourself VetkinTape® Tryout Package

Convince yourself and get this tryout package VetkinTape veterinary kinesiology tape. It contains 3 rolls of 2.5 metres.

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This package includes two 6cm rolls and one 3cm roll, so you can experiment with which one works best for you and your animals. The 3cm size is perfect for smaller animals like dogs or for use in lymphatic drainage, while our 6cm size is our bestseller and a great all-around veterinary kinesiology tape. For those larger areas or on horses, our 10cm wide roll is the perfect choice.
*Please note that the colours of the rolls in the picture may differ from the contents as they are chosen at random.

Benefits of using VetkinTape

VetkinTape is a high-quality kinesiology tape that is specifically designed for veterinary use. It is made with a soft, flexible material that is comfortable for animals to wear, and it provides excellent support and stability for muscles and joints. Here are some of the benefits of using VetkinTape:

  • Provides support and stability to muscles and joints
  • Helps to reduce inflammation and pain
  • Improves circulation and promotes healing
  • Can be used for a variety of applications, including sports injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation, and chronic conditions

Why choose VetkinTape?

VetkinTape is the top choice for veterinarians, massage therapists, animal trainers, and pet owners. Its unique design and premium quality make it a standout product in the market. With its superior support and pain relief, VetkinTape is the perfect solution for a variety of animal-related injuries and conditions. Plus, with itssoft and flexible material, it won’t restrict the animal’s movement or cause discomfort.

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Alisha Taylor

Great sample pack! I have never bought Vetkin tape before. Now I won't buy anything else for my animals. I am thoroughly convinced.