Online Introduction to Lymphatic Taping – 30 mins

Online Introduction to Lymphatic Taping – 30 mins

This course introduces you to lymphatic taping with Jan Douglass, a renowned lymphatic expert. Learn the basics & gain confidence in using lymphatic taping to improve your patient’s health outcomes.

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This course is perfect for physical therapists, massage therapists, and other medical professionals who want to understand the history, evolution, and research on lymphatic taping. It provides a comprehensive theoretical understanding of kinesiology tapes and how to apply them to lymphatic taping. With an experienced instructor and a Certificate of Completion issued by Moving Lymph Online, this course offers an invaluable opportunity to learn and practice the best practices in lymphatic taping.

How to view the course

After purchasing this online course you will receive a voucher code in your order confirmation that you can use to gain access to the course on our online learning platform.

Certificate of completion

After completing the course, you will be granted an official certificate of completion.

Course Curriculum

Course overview
About this course 00:02:28
Module 1: Basic Lymphology
Lymphatic Anatomy, Physiology and the Connective Tissue Bath 00:08:30
Module 1: Lymphology self-test quiz UNLIMITED
Module 2: Kinesiology Tape
History of elastic tapes and taping styles 00:05:30
Module 2: Kinesiology tape – Self-test Quiz UNLIMITED
Module 3: Concepts in Lymph Taping
Principles of application and effects of Lymph Taping 00:09:11
Lymph Taping – Self-test Quiz Module 3 UNLIMITED
Module 4: Research
Taping Research 00:01:29
Systematic reviews on lymph taping 00:00:00
RCTs on taping for BCRL 00:00:00
Can tape replace compressions? 00:00:00
Case studies 00:00:00
Reports on scar taping 00:00:00
Taping for Phleboedema 00:00:00
Taping for joint replacement 00:00:00
Post-surgical taping 00:00:00
Evaluation and certificate
Summary 00:00:00
Course evaluation survey UNLIMITED