Fascia cream & wax

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Fascia cream and wax are both essential materials used in massage therapy treatments. Fascia cream is a thick, lubricating oil-based substance that helps to reduce friction and ease muscle tension during massage. It also helps to protect the skin from any damage that can be caused by the massage. Wax, on the other hand, is used to help create a deeper massage and can help to relax tight muscles. Wax can also be used to target trigger points and release tight fascia.

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Using fascia cream with cupping cups

Fascia cream is a type of cream that is oftwen used in conjunction with cupping cups for a variety of therapeutic treatments. Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine that is used to stimulate blood flow and reduce pain and inflammation. When used with fascia cream, the silicone cupping cups are able to penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues, allowing the cream to reach areas of tension and tightness that would otherwise be inaccessible. The cream helps to lubricate the skin and muscles, allowing a smoother and more comfortable experience while the cups are applied. The combination of cupping and fascia cream can be beneficial for a wide range of ailments, including back and neck pain, headaches, joint pain, and muscle tension.

Why fascia wax is great with IASTM tools

Fascia wax is a type of wax used to help reduce friction and enhance the effectiveness of IASTM tools. It is made of ingredients such as petroleum jelly, ceresin wax and lemon oil, which provide a barrier between the skin and the IASTM instruments. This reduces the risk of abrasion and skin trauma and helps to increase the range of motion. Additionally, it helps to reduce any pain associated with the treatment. IASTM is a manual therapy technique used to treat soft tissue injuries, improve range of motion, and reduce pain. It involves using various tools with a range of pressure to treat specific areas of the body. The use of fascia wax with IASTM tools can help to increase the effectiveness of the treatment, providing quicker and more effective results.