Resistance Bands

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Resistance bands (also: resistance tubes, exercise bands or fitness bands) are an excellent multi-purpose tool that can be used for anything including cross-, strength- and condition training, fitness, stretching or rehabilitation. Resistance training has become an integral part of fitness training, with the result that a resistance band is indispensable in every gym visit. It helps you to complete that one exercise when you might not be able to without it. You can use the bands for various training purposes. You can even use them underwater!

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Different types of resistance bands

There are many different types of resistance bands on the market today. We will explain the types we offer on this website and when to buy what type.

Power bands (also called loop bands)

These are actually gigantic rubber bands. A continuous flat loop that can be used for a variety of purposes. Use them for bodyweight assitance such as pull ups, bodyweight resistance such as push ups, warm ups or even physiotherapy. You can also attach them to a bar for a variety of exercises. Actually, they can be used for every aspect of training!

Tube resistance bands with handles

These resistance bands are supposed to simulate using a physical device or performing a dumbbell exercise. You can also easily attach them to a door or pole. With these tube resistance bands you can train all muscle groups. This makes them ideal for home use or for those who like to train outside and want something that is easy to take with you.

Mini resistance bands

Mini resistance bands are actually the same as the power bands, but much shorter and wider. You can use them to increase your strength and stability in your lower body. But they are also ideal for training your hips and glutes.

Booty bands

The name says it all, bands to train your booty! Our booty bands set are covered with comfortable textile. Because of this, you can train your buttocks and thighs without having to experience the squeezing feeling of elastic.

Resistance band workout

You can use resistance bands in various ways to take your workout to the next level.
  1. Use the resistance bands as a full strength training by choosing 3-5 exercises, performing them for up to 25 reps and repeating this for two to five rounds. The number of repetitions and rounds depends on your own fitness level and the resistance of the band.
  2. Use resistance bands as a warm-up to activate a specific muscle group. For example when you find it hard to feel a certain muscle group. With the resistance bands you will master this faster.

Portable exercise bands

Good fitness equipment is rarely light or portable. Big machines and heavy weights aren't very travel-friendly, and if you're struggling with space constraints in your house, you may not have enough room to accommodate everything you need. Fortunately, there are many truly portable exercise equipment that you can use for a killer workout. Our portable exercise bands for example can provide quite a challenge, and none of them are too bulky or heavy to stuff into a bag!

Top 5 exercises with resistance bands

There are countless exercises to be done with resistance bands, but here is our top 5:
  1. Wall lateral pulldown: targeting lats and upper back
  2. Triceps extension: targeting triceps
  3. Bicep curl: targeting biceps
  4. Shoulder external rotation: targeting the shoulders and upper back
  5. Fire hydrant: targeting the glutes and hamstrings