CureTape® Giant

Cost Effective 31.5m Bulk Rolls
Trusted by Health Professionals & Athletes
Certified Kinesiology Tape

The CureTape Giant Kinesiology Tape Clinic Roll is the perfect choice for any clinic or sports team looking to stock up on kinesiology tape. This clinic roll contains 31.5 metres of kinesiology tape, providing ample coverage for large areas and multiple treatments. The unique design of the tape offers superior support, flexibility and comfort compared to traditional athletic tape. It is designed to allow the body to move naturally, while providing support and relief from muscle fatigue and soreness. The tape can be used for a range of applications, from muscle strain and injury prevention to recovery and performance enhancement. It is lightweight, breathable and waterresistant, making it ideal for a wide range of activities. With its strong adhesive and stretchable properties, this tape is sure to provide the support and coverage your patients need.

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Our customers buy CureTape® Giant Bulk Rolls to save money and time by ordering in bulk. One CureTape® Giant bulk roll contains six original CureTape® Classic rolls. Only for the avid taper!

CureTape® Giant kinesiology tape clinic roll colours

CureTape® Giant kinesiology tape bulk rolls are available in 8 different colours: blue, beige, red, pink, orange, black, yellow and green.

CureTape® most widely used kinesiology tape

We as THYSOL are the leading manufacturer and supplier of the most widely used kinesiology tape in the professional medical market world-wide. CureTape® Giant is a Class-1 Medical product that is registered with the TGA and also carries the European TÜV quality mark. Our tape is completely safe to use and is trusted by therapists, doctors, hospitals, and patients across the globe. As a testament to its quality, our CureTape® Giant rolls are manufactured in our own factory. This ensures that the product is of the highest quality, and provides medical professionals with peace of mind when using it on patients. With its trusted certification, CureTape® Giant has become the go-to kinesiology tape for medical professionals worldwide.