CureTape® Big Boy

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Designed for Avid Taping Therapists

Move a lot of kinesiology tape? CureTape® Big Boy is especially designed for the avid taper! Purchase a box of 40 rolls and pay for only 36 rolls!!

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Our customers buy CureTape® Big Boy Bulk buy because this bulk buy doesn't only save money; it also lets you show off our colorful rolls in a handy container - Only for the avid taper!

CureTape Big Boy: Bulk kinesiology tape pack for clinics

The CureTape Big Boy is the perfect choice for clinics, hospitals and physios who need a large supply of kinesiology tape. With 40 rolls of kinesiology tape in four different colours, you'll have plenty of tape to treat all your patients. The tape is highly elastic, making it ideal for a wide range of uses. It also provides excellent breathability and comfort, and its adhesive properties ensure it will stay in place for several days. This large box of kinesiology tape is perfect for health professionals working in the field and will help you provide the best possible care for your patients.