Fascia massage tools

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We offer a wide selection of products designed to help people recover faster and perform at their best. From massage guns and cupping sets to floss bands, fascia cream, and wax, we have everything you need to support a recovery journey. We also carry IASTM tools and trigger point massage tools to help target specific muscle groups and alleviate pain and tension.

“We are delighted to include FASCIQ® as one of our partners. Not only do we share a common purpose – supporting medical health professionals achieve their aspirations – we know how fundamental education and a well applied fascia treatment concept, which is based on well conducted scientific research, can improve clients’ well beings on a global level.” - Dr. Robert Schleip, Fascia Research Group, Munich, Germany

Fascia tools for fascia release treatment

Fascia tools are a must-have for anyone looking to improve their fascia release treatment. The fascia is a connective tissue membrane that surrounds all muscles, joints, bones, and organs and can become problematic when it becomes adhesed to the muscle. With our selection of fascia tools, including cupping sets, IASTM tools, and trigger point massage tools, you can target the fascia both deeply and superficially, bringing relief to fascia-related complaints. These tools work by applying the right amount of pressure to the muscle against the fascia and guiding the tool along the length of the muscle to release the fascia's adhesion to the muscle. Whether you're a professional athlete or a physical therapist, our fascia tools can help you achieve better mobility, flexibility, and performance.

Why use fascia massage tools?

If you're looking to improve your mobility, flexibility, and overall performance, then incorporating fascia massage tools into your routine is a must. Our bodies are made up of both muscles and connective tissue, so it's essential to have a set of tools that can safely and effectively address cramping, stiffness, and pain in any area. Regular use of our fascia massage tools can help prevent injuries and increase your range of motion, allowing you to perform at your best. Our FASCIQ® range of fascia release tools is specifically designed to move and release the fascia, providing you with the ultimate tool for fascia-related complaints. With FASCIQ® fascia massage tools, you can achieve greater mobility, flexibility, and overall performance.