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Did you know we at THYSOL are not just reseller of CureTape, FASCIQ and VetkinTape products? We are the inventor and manufacturer as well! We aim to support all (medical) professionals with the right tools to improve overall health and mobility. Because we are in it for the long run (you’ll want to stick to our brand as soon as you start using it), we are committed to providing you with the most competitive prices possible. We understand that clinics and clubs have their own unique needs and requirements, and we strive to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

When you get your own profesional pricing account, you will receive a standard discount on all of your orders. There is no minimum purchase required. Additionally, you will be assigned a personal account manager who will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide you with personalised advice on the best deals available or any product related questions you’ll have.

In addition to our standard discounts, professional pricing customers also receive exclusive discounts and early access to other discounts. Our online CPD is also available at a 20% discount.

We are dedicated to helping you get the best prices for your clinic or club, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to helping you save money!

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“I have used many different k-tapes, but have to say I was impressed with VetkinTape from THYSOL. Quick delivery, superior quality, excellent service, durable with longevity.
Have found a company and tape which i intend to do business for the duration. Superior products I would happily recommend to any equine profesional”

Get a clinic or therapist account if you:

  • Are a (veterinary) physiotherapist, massage therapist, chiropractor or other health professional in the UK that uses kinesiology tape in their treatments.
  • Want high quality products from a trusted manufacturer. All our products are produced in our own factory in South Korea.
  • Want to partner up with a company that has been in this business for over 20 years and trained over 10.000 professionals in the past
  • Want to receive helpful advice and guidance to ensure you choose the right products for your practice.
  • Want to be able to place orders quick and efficiently.
  • Want to have great purchasing benefits.

The story of our brands

CureTape - Kinesiology tape
We brought kinesiology tape to Europe back in 1998. First to the Netherlands, where our HQ is, but then expanded to other countries quickly. Now we are selling it in over 80 countries!

Our tape is made of breathable cotton with a hypoallergenic adhesive, and the elasticity of the tape helps to support muscles and joints while providing a comfortable fit. It is designed to be worn for up to 5 days, and is available in a variety of sizes and colors. CureTape is a trusted brand in the medical and physical therapy industries, with an excellent reputation for helping people to heal and recover faster.

FASCIQ logo - Fascia Massage Tools
Being in the medical supplies industry for quite some years inspired us in to create another brand to help professionals in their daily practice. FASCIQ fascia release- and treatment tools are used to treat the fasciae, to bring about a loosening of the fasciae (fascia release) and to maintain a flexible fascial network (fascia treatment).

Our product range of FASCIQ products include athletic rigid sports tape, IASTM tools, trigger point tools and cupping sets. All FASCIQ products are endorsed by Robert Schleip, director of the fascia institute in Germany and one of the worlds’ leading fascia researchers.

VetkinTape logo - Veterinary kinesiology tape
The first idea of developing VetkinTape came to us when we attended a human taping event in the Middle East 15 years ago. Some people suggested to use the tape on the racing camels. Fast forward to a few years later and we launched VetkinTape: the first veterinary kinesiology tape!

Our range of tapes are specifically designed to meet the needs of veterinarians and other animal healthcare professionals. We offer a wide selection of sizes and colours for any particular purpose or animals, however they are mostly used on horses and dogs. Our tapes are are designed with comfort and convenience in mind and are easy to apply and remove.

Get a club account if you:

  • Want the best quality materials for your athletes.
  • Use kinesiology tape or sports tape to support muscles frequently.
  • Want to save some money whilst getting all your taping or massaging supplies in one go.
  • Are looking for a company that is happy to sponsor you for events or trainings.
  • Want to be able to place orders quick and efficiently.

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