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VetkinTape logo We are VetkinTape®! Did you know that we are the inventor and producer of VetkinTape? As THYSOL we have several brands under our umbrella, such as FASCIQ, CureTape and VetkinTape. VetkinTape is especially developed from the demand of veterinary professionals to treat animals with kinesiology tape. The results are impressive! Three sizes of kinesiology tape with a 35% better adhesion than human tape. And all that in 14 different sizes and colours! Something for everyone. Try it today and discover the many benefits it can have for your animal!

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The development of VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology tape was possible thanks to our own production possibilities. THYSOL teamed up with veterinary professionals to develop a special tape for animals, giving the same results as CureTape®, but then exclusively for animals. We have the human as well as the veterinary knowledge and expertise at our own R&D facilities.

What is VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology taping?

In most of the cases the results obtained with using CureTape® can also be obtained with animals. Veterinary kinesiology tape needs to be slightly different due to the differences in skin/hair, muscles structure and anatomy. Furthermore, we see differences in diagnosed problems and in the frequency of occurrence. All these factors were taken into consideration when developing this new innovative veterinary kinesiology tape. The result is VetkinTape®; a tape that sticks well and gives the maximum results for animals.

Features of VetkinTape®

  VetkinTape VetkinTape® differentiates compared to human kinesiology tapes available on the market
  • VetkinTape® has more adhesive strength
  • 145% stretch flexibility of the tape
  • Thicker than human kinesiology tape
  • High-quality product, free from medication
  • Skin friendly and latex free
  • Waterproof
  • Normal adherance for several days
  • VetkinTape® comes in various formats being; 3cm, 6cm and 10cm
  • Colours: Blue, Black, Orange and Red.

VetkinTape® applications

In practice we have seen that VetkinTape® can be used to assist in: kinesiology-taping-course-equineInjured muscles – VetkinTape® lifts the skin from the underlying tissues. This can effect of reducing pain, promoting circulation, assisting in the reduction of any swelling and enhancing the blood flow to the injured muscle. Biomechanical dysfunction – VetkinTape® can provide support or stability without restricting the range of motion. Postural dysfunction – VetkinTape® can improve the proprioceptive feedback to the area thereby assisting in the retraining of muscles that maintain correct posture. It doesn’t necessarily make a horse’s performance better than at baseline, but it can improve endurance as the increased circulation can assist to improve the supply of oxygen to muscles and with the removal of the lactic acid. It can also improve recovery time after intense training sessions or races, as the increased circulation assists in the removal of waste products. Medical Taping can be used either as a sole or as an adjunctive treatment in equine therapy throughout the rehabilitation process. Continue reading about applications of equine kinesiology tape >>

Where to buy VetkinTape®?

More and more veterinary professionals choose to use VetkinTape® veterinary kinesiology tape as an adjunctive treatment. VetkinTape® can be easily purchased in our shop.

VetkinTape is a medical tape designed specifically for veterinary use. It is an adhesive tape made from a breathable, waterproof, and hypoallergenic material.

Although some tape colours are exclusive to some of the sizes VetkinTape, the specifications of the products are the same regardless of the color. Selecting multiple colors for a single application can help to create a visual representation of the tape placement. Ultimately, colour choice is a matter of personal preference.

VetkinTape® can be used on different coat lengths with the right surface preparation, stretching, and technique. The amount of stretch applied must be appropriate for each application to be successful. You will need to use more stretch on longer coats and less stretch on shorter coats. VetkinTape is designed to stick to fur, not skin, so when taping an animal that has recently been groomed (such as a horse or dog), you should be extra careful. In some cases pre-taping spray might come in handy.

In theory VetkinTape® can be applied to any animal. However, most people apply it on either horses or dogs. But we have seen applications on cats, camels and even lizards over the years!

Kinesiology tape for animals can provide support and stability to an animal’s joints and muscles, reduce the risk of injury, and help the animal to heal from current injuries.

Kinesiology tape for animals is generally safe and has no known side effects. However, it is important to consult with a veterinarian or rehabiltation specialist before applying tape to an animal yourself. Proper application is very important for it to work well.