CureTape® Punch Kinesiology Tape

CureTape® Punch Kinesiology Tape

CureTape Punch is a cotton elastic tape with a unique hole pattern, which allows more influence on the fascia through the skin. Size per roll is 5cm x 5m.

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Trusted by Health Professionals
Greater Stretch Capacity
Unique Pattern of Perforated Holes


CureTape® Punch is a kinesiology tape with a unique pattern of perforated holes. It is less intrusive on the skin and 3-dimensional direction of influencing the fascia. Most commonly used for lymphatic and scar tissue applications.

THYSOL has developed and patented a special variant of the well-known CureTape®️ Classic: CureTape®️ Punch. Due to the unique hole pattern, this tape has a greater stretching capacity and the working direction is three-dimensional. The skin and fascia receive many more signals due to the pressure differences that occur around the hole pattern. The skin also has more opportunity to ventilate.

Available in the following colours: beige, pink, black, blue.

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Why get CureTape®️ kinesiology tape:

    • Cotton with hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive layer.
    • Unique hole pattern, stronger on skin and fascia.
    • Elastic, breathable and water resistant.
    • Latex-free (with TÜV certificate).
    • Most popular kinesio tape brand among professionals.
    • Production in our ISO certified factory in South Korea ensuring consistent, high quality.
    • Complies with latest European medical MDR legislation.


“Good quality kinesiology tape. Will definitely use again. Don’t waste your money on cheap versions that don’t work. I am happy to recommend THYSOL’s CureTape.

– Jennifer, Oxfordshire


Certifications of CureTape® Punch

Experienced tapers use CureTape® Punch for:

  • On nerve fibres: the diagonal elasticity provides additional stimulation to the nerve (in case of nerve radiations and constrictions).
  • The treatment of CVA patients. CureTape® Punch passes on more stimuli to the paralysed body part.
  • Lymphatic system also receives extra impulses, making CureTape® Punch very suitable for acute injuries, swellings and haematomas.
  • Loosening of fibrosis and scars.
  • Pain relief (such as back pain).

Lymphoedema taping with CureTape Punch

Lymph Taping is highly effective in supporting lymphatic drainage. CureTape® has the same elasticity as the skin and can be applied using a special technique to accelerate the removal of lymphatic fluid.

The tape is applied in narrow strips from a chosen drainage area to the area where lymphatic fluid accumulates. This stimulates lymphatic drainage 24 hours a day. The skin is stretched, and the tape is applied without additional stretch. Underneath the tape, there is a decrease in pressure, allowing the initial lymphatic vessels to open better. The dense network of lymphatic vessels in this layer can absorb fluid from the surrounding tissue due to the pressure difference.

Underneath the CureTape®, prelymph (free fluid between the cells) is more easily absorbed, which improves lymphatic transport to the larger lymphatic vessels. The pressure differences between the strips of CureTape® further stimulate lymphatic drainage. Additionally, during movement, a micromassage effect occurs.

Due to its unique perforated pattern, this tape has a greater stretching capacity and three-dimensional working direction. The skin and fascia receive more signals through the pressure differences created around the perforated pattern. Additionally, the skin has better ventilation capabilities.

CureTape kinesiology tape product video


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Dimensions 500 × 5 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rex Cook
Punch tape

Excellent product for helping to reduce pitting oedema .

Great Company

Love Cure Tape Punch, this stays put for much longer , the clients I use it on prefer this tape to the unpunched, highly recommend you give it a try.

Katrina Ely

Love using this product and is effective in fluid drainage for my lymphadema

Good quality

I am a patient with lymphoedema in my chest wall after cancer treatment. For the first time, I tried using this tape by myself; easy to apply, good quality…After seven days of daily showers, the tape is firmly in place, and my sensitive skin doesn’t react to it!!! As a gardener, I have to do physical activities in the hot and sweaty summer of Otago, but I hardly notice the tape on my skin when I work.... No 'pulling' or redness.
I will reorder this tape for sure. Next time I hope the orange colour will be available.

Leanne Toland
Highly recommended

Very easy to apply and remove, doesn’t irritate the skin. Will be reordering. Highly recommended

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