Posture correction for Kyphosis – Kinesiology tape

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The spine has natural curves. A curve in the lower back (=lordosis) and a slight curve in the thoracic spine (=kyphosis). If the curvatures become too large, hyperkyphosis or hyperlordosis will develop. A hyperkyphosis is also called a hunchback. This is often caused by poor posture or old age. Various diseases can also cause hyperkyphosis, but the curvature can also be congenital.Depending on the cause, various treatments are possible. Exercises are an important part of the treatment process. Kinesiology taping can also be used as an intervention in this process.

CureTape can correct the posture but can also be applied as a reminder to activate the posterior muscle chain.

Kinesiology taping at a kyphosis

Taping intervention in case of kyphosis

There are various ways of applying a correction tape. This example is one of the possibilities. Here, three I-tapes are used. The black or blue tapes can also be applied separately, depending on the purpose.

Cut three strips of about 25-30 cm.

Have the client bring the shoulder blades into retraction. Apply the tape without stretching to the lower part of the trapezius muscle, then with approx. 50% stretch across the shoulder blades, towards the acromion. Apply the last part of the tape without stretching. Repeat this also on the other side. The client experiences a correction in order to stand up straight.

Then the black I-tape can also be applied. Have the client stand up straight. Tear the release paper in half. Remove the paper up to the anchors and hold the anchors with both hands. Apply the tape with approx. 50%-60% stretch in the middle between the shoulder blades and while the client moves the shoulders forward, the tape is applied further in that movement. Then apply the anchors without stretching.

kinesiology taping for a kyphosis

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