CureTape® Classic Wide 7.5cm Kinesiology Tape

CureTape® Classic Wide 7.5cm Kinesiology Tape

Looking for a wider kinesiology tape? Our CureTape® Classic Wide 7.5 rolls are the perfect fit! It’s made from breathable cotton and provides optimal adhesion. Perfect for larger areas of the body or when you just need a little but more support.

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Stretchability from 130% to 140%
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The most widely used tape among professionals.


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CureTape® Classic Wide kinesiology tape in 7.5cm width, is a reliable and latex-free product designed for optimal performance. Crafted from elastic cotton, this tape offers both flexibility and support. Its breathable nature allows air circulation, promoting a comfortable experience during extended use. The hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive ensures compatibility with various skin types, minimising the risk of allergic reactions.

Why get CureTape®️ kinesiology tape:

  • The most commonly used tape among professionals.
  • Constant, high quality.
  • Skin-friendly, suitable for the sensitive skin.
  • Latex free, elastic, water resistant and breathable.
  • Production in our ISO certified factory in South Korea.
  • Complies with the latest European medical MDR legislation.
  • Excellent quality, TÜV and ISO certificate.

CureTape®️ Classic Wide 7.5cm is used for:

  1. Enhanced Coverage: The wider tape provides a broader coverage area, making it ideal for larger muscle groups or areas that require extensive support or stabilisation.
  2. Greater Stability: The increased width offers improved stability and reinforcement, especially when targeting joints such as the knees, shoulders, or back.
  3. Customisable Application: With a wider tape, you have more flexibility in creating customized taping techniques or patterns to address specific needs or injuries.
  4. Efficient Application: The wider tape reduces the number of strips required to cover an area, saving time during the taping process. This can be particularly beneficial in situations where speed is essential, such as during sports events or competitions.
  5. Comfortable Fit: The extra width provides a comfortable fit, minimising the risk of the tape rolling or shifting during movement. This helps maintain its effectiveness for longer durations, allowing you to engage in activities with confidence.

Areas to use extra wide kinesiology tape on

Our extra wide kinesiology tape, with a width of 7.5cm, can be particularly beneficial for providing support and stability to larger body parts. Below are some body parts where using extra wide kinesiology tape can be advantageous:

  1. Shoulders: The wider tape can help support and stabilize the shoulder joint, especially in cases of shoulder instability, rotator cuff injuries, or shoulder impingement.
  2. Back: Extra wide kinesiology tape is useful for providing support to the entire back region. It can help relieve muscle tension, provide postural support, and assist in managing conditions like lower back pain or muscle strains.
  3. Knees: The knees endure significant stress during various activities. Using wider kinesiology tape can offer enhanced stability and support to the knee joint, aiding in the management of knee pain, patellofemoral syndrome, or other knee-related injuries.
  4. Thighs and Hamstrings: These larger muscle groups can benefit from the wider coverage and support provided by extra wide kinesiology tape. It can help with muscle strains, hamstring injuries, or quadriceps imbalances.
  5. Calves: The wider tape can be used to provide support and aid in recovery for calf strains, Achilles tendonitis, or other calf-related injuries.

It’s important to note that the application of kinesiology tape and the use of specific tape widths may vary depending on the individual’s condition and the guidance of a healthcare professional or therapist. They can assess your needs and provide tailored recommendations for using extra wide kinesiology tape effectively.

Available colour: beige.

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Certifications of CureTape® Classic Wide


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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Carole Plumb
Great product!

This is a great product and I have used effectively with people who have sensitive and frail skin. I love the different tape colours, BUT, not everyone wants to show their tape off and not everyone has white skin. I'd like to see the tape come in other skin colours please.

Gamani Goonetilleka
Thysol tape

These tapes are excellent to support knee, shoulder and other joints to prevent injury when playing sport or exercising.

Chris Kinnaird
CureTape is a great kt product.

CureTape is the first kt tape I have used. I am being guided in its application for chronic plantar faschiitis (or is it heel bursitis?) by various You Tubers. However CureTape seems to do as expected insofar as stretching and anchoring well, persisting for up to 4 days of continuous wear including showering. It does not fray and has not induced any skin irritation. I've been using it for 2 weeks now, and I still have quite painful and disabling heel pain. But that is not the fault of CureTape, but more likely due to the nature of my injury plus my lack of expertise.

Christine Wright
Kinesiology tape

Good quality kinesiology tape. Will definitely use again. Don’t waste your money on cheap versions that don’t work. Happy to recommend Thysol Cure Tape.

Ron Jansen

fast delivery, fair price and does the job!

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